Heat Shrink Tubing - 6 in - Notions - Style Maker Fabrics
Heat Shrink Tubing - 6 in - Notions - Style Maker Fabrics
Heat Shrink Tubing - 6 in - Notions - Style Maker Fabrics

Heat Shrink Tubing - 6 in

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Professional Finish—Create the perfect aglet or sealed end to your drawstring or cording with this clear heat shrink tubing. Select the size closest to your string or cord and trim to the desired length of aglet. Suitable to use with drawstring cordings, twill tapes, and more.

Each tube is 6 inches long, which is enough to make approximately 6 aglets. Select between tubing 1/8" or 1/4" in diameter.

Each length of tubing is priced and sold individually.

Not sure what size to choose? We used 1/8" for our Polyester/Cotton Drawstring and 3/8" Twill Tapes, and 1/4" for the Thick Braided Drawstring and Tubular Braided Drawstring—see second photo.


  • Using about 3/4" to 1" of tape, wrap the very end of your cord, letting the rest of the tape extend past the cord, and flattening it to create kind of a "needle" for threading.
  • Thread cord into the desired length of tubing, twisting the cord if needed to get it thru. Pull the cord past the tape and trim off the tape-wrapped end.
  • Sandwich the tubing-wrapped end between two layers of parchment paper, or a non-stick pressing mat, and heat with a low to medium iron. DO NOT touch the iron directly to the plastic tubing, it will melt onto the iron.
  • As the tubing shrinks around the cord, rotate the cord+tubing slightly and heat again to help maintain the round shape (repeating as needed). Or if desired, press flat for a more oblong shaped anglet.
  • Trim the end of cording and shrunken tubing with sharp scissors for a clean finished end.
  • Note: The plastic tubing does get hot as it is heated, please take care and let it cool before touching.