What Do You Give A Sewist?

What Do You Give A Sewist?

Oh, hello there, person-who-doesn’t-sew-but-is-giving-a-gift-to-someone-who-does... How thoughtful of you to come here (or have been sent here by that sewist in your life) to get a few ideas for gifts they would love. Perhaps it’s their birthday, the holiday season, an anniversary, or you just want to express your gratitude for their very existence. Whatever the reason, who doesn’t like to receive gifts that are related to something they already enjoy? We know that shopping for someone with a hobby you know nothing about can be intimidating, but have no fear -- we are here to help! 

Below, you will find awesome gift ideas that any sewist would love to receive, with options to suit any budget. Whether you are looking for a few small items to put in a stocking, or a larger gift for a special event, there is something to suit any occasion.

 Woven Sewing Labels

1. Lovely Labels

    Sewers always love adding sweet and funny labels to their makes because who wouldn’t want a sweater that says, “Thanks, I Made It” or pajamas with the empowering message, “Perfectly Imperfect”? Find lots of styles of pre-made labels, or if your sewist has a logo/brand they use on social media, there are companies that can help you create custom labels to match.

    2. Sweet Sharp Scissors

      It would be completely understandable if you did not know this, but scissors are not just scissors to someone who sews! It’s much more complicated than that. There are scissors to cut paper, scissors to cut fabric, tiny scissors to cut thread, and...well, trust us, there are a lot of types and your sewing gift-getter will be thrilled to receive just about any of them! Or, if they have all the scissors they need, maybe they need some magnetic tags to help them (and you) know which is which!

      Rainbow of Button

      3. Button Bonanza!

        Sewists have a weird connection to their button collections and believe us when we say that they can never have too many! So many sewing patterns call for buttons of various shapes, sizes, and colors that you really can’t go wrong picking out a bunch to help their pile grow. If you really want to impress them, add on an expanding sewing gauge and buttonhole cutter which are useful tools when adding buttons to any garment. 

        Sew Smart! When purchasing buttons, 1/2" - 5/8" buttons are typically used for shirts and dresses that need 10 to 12 buttons. Larger buttons, 7/8" and up, are usually found on cardigans, jackets, and coats that need 6 to 10 buttons.

        Linen Blend Fabrics

        4. Fabric

        No sewist ever uttered the words, “Gee, my fabric stash is too big.” If you buy it, they will sew it. Trust us when we tell you that sewists can never have enough fabric. NEVER. Not sure where to start, what type to buy, or how much? Send us an email and we would be more than happy to help with some suggestions!

        5. Pattern Party

          Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, or put together furniture without the instructions, sewing patterns are the most crucial element to garment creation. There are thousands of patterns to choose from and it’s always exciting for sewists to get the opportunity to try out something new! Whether you think they would like to sew a bag, have more of an athleisure aesthetic, or are the type to go for a dreamy, flowy skirt, you are sure to end up with a grateful giftee!

          Gutermann Thread Sets

          6. A Sewing Necessity - Strings Attached!

          Even those who don’t sew know that thread is among the most basic supplies any sewing project needs. What they might not know is just how seriously sewists take their thread and fabric matching responsibilities! Or that, much like fabric, you can NEVER have too much thread. A thread collection that includes a number of spools in a variety of colors, or a variety of threads in their favorite colors is guaranteed to make that perfect match would be a treasure as practical as it is colorful! Level up your thread gift with a SpoolPod for easy thread storage!

          Sew Smart! Does your sewists love sewing jeans or other pants? Consider topstitching thread in a variety of colors and pairing them with some jeans hardware kits!

            7. Sewing Books

              Reading is fundamental and when it’s a book about sewing, learning those fundamentals is actually FUN! There are plenty of options to choose from and these reference materials will serve your sewer for years to come whether they are a novice or seasoned sewist alike. Find a list of "most wished for" books HERE.

              Sewing Themed Jewelry

              8. Sewing Swag

                It’s always nice to surround yourself with things that make you smile. If sewing is that thing for your gift recipient, what could be better than a mug that says, “Life is short. Buy the Fabric.”? Perhaps a delicate necklace with a pendant in the shape of a sewing machine or a bangle bracelet that looks like a tape measure! There are also tote bags, pillows, travel mugs, and ornaments to choose from all celebrating their favorite hobby!

                9. Fancy Iron

                Though an iron might not seem like the most exciting of presents to give or receive, this household tool is CRUCIAL for anyone who likes to sew. The sparkle in their eyes reflecting off of the shiny metal of their brand new pressing tool will let you know you’ve made a great choice for sure!

                Sew Smart! When shopping for irons, look for one that is durable with great steam power and a large water tank. Here at SMF, our favorite brand is Rowenta!

                    10. “Dear Diary...I Love Sewing”

                    Many sewists like to use sewing journals to keep track of what they’ve made, patterns they’ve tried, and adjustments they want to remember for the future. There are also books specifically tailored to sewists for things like organizing their fabric stash and notions, or making lists of future projects they would like to attempt. Any of these would be both useful and appreciated gifts!

                     Sewing Gift Bundle

                    11. DIY Sewing Gift Basket

                      Perhaps the most fun gift of all would be a little bit of everything! If a single gift option on here doesn’t stand out to you on its own, put a few different items together and watch the sewist in your life light up with joy. Maybe grab a few notions all in their favorite color, or a combination of sewing essentials they can always use, you can't go wrong!

                      12. Sewing Classes & Retreats

                      Those who sew are always looking to try a new and exciting project or take their me-made wardrobes to the next level. What better way to do that than by learning new skills directly from an instructor? Sewing classes can be taken either in-person, online, or away at a retreat and a gift certificate for a sewing class is sure to get you an A+ in gift-giving!

                      Fabric Options in Fabric Store

                        13. Gift Card

                        When in doubt, let them figure it out! Sometimes the best answer is also the easiest… If you’re truly unsure of what that sewist in your life might want or need, a gift card to one of their favorite fabric stores or pattern designers is always a safe bet. You’re guaranteed that they’ll end up with something they will be thrilled to have and you’ll be the hero that made it happen!

                        Remember, just because you aren’t familiar with the tools of the trade, doesn’t mean that you can’t give something both meaningful and useful to the sewist in your life. Anything you choose is guaranteed to fill them with joy and gratitude! Here at Style Maker Fabrics, we are always ready to help you out with advice and recommendations at any budget!

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