The Whole Package: Creating the Perfect Present

The Whole Package: Creating the Perfect Present

Using the handmade gift ideas featured in our From a Sewist, With Love article, let’s talk about some creative ways you can mix and match some of your me-made presents with store-bought items to create thoughtful and fun bundles. Sometimes it just takes more time and a bigger fabric budget than you were hoping to spend to make your gifts completely handmade. The good news is that these bundles can save both time and money and are a simple way to truly personalize what you give to the recipients on your list! 

We thought it might be helpful to organize our ideas into categories based on some of the more typical gift recipients and their interests. Below, you will find sewing projects and some complementary store-bought items you can pair with them, along with a few ideas on which lucky recipients might appreciate these bundles the most!

Gift Ideas for Readers


  • Handmade Items: Bookmark, Eyeglass Case, Small Tote or Pouch
  • Store Bought Items: Favorite Book or Gift Card to Local Bookstore and Herbal Tea Sampler
  • Recipients: Teachers, Friends, Therapists, Tutors, Book Club, Librarian


  • Handmade Items: Pincushion, Needle Case, Drawstring or Zipper Pouch, Pressing Ham, Sewing Machine Cover or Mat
  • Store Bought Items: Essential Notions (Wonder Clips, Sewing Machine Needles, Thread), 
  • Recipients: Online & Local Sewing Friends, Guild Members

Self Care Gift Ideas

    “Treat Yourself!”

    • Handmade Items: Sachets, Eye Mask/Pillow, Spa Headband
    • Store Bought Items: Bath Bomb, Facial Mask, Lotion, Fancy Soap, Candle
    • Recipients: Friends, Teens, Teachers, Busy Moms, Hair Stylist


    • Handmade Items: Yoga Mat Bag or Strap Sling, Yoga Bolster, Weighted Bag, Eye Pillow
    • Store Bought Items: Journal, Book on Meditation, Essential Oils, Gift Card for a Local Yoga Class
    • Recipients: Your Favorite Zenthusiast, Friends or Family Who Enjoy Their "Me Time" or are Looking for More Self-Care

    Gift Ideas for Little Ones

    “Little Ones”

    • Handmade Items: Bib, Stuffed Toy, Tag Blanket, Beanie, Scrunchie, Circle Skirt, Headband
    • Store Bought Items: Picture Book, Small Toy, Socks
    • Recipients: New Mothers/Newborns, Toddlers

      “Calling All Chefs”

      • Handmade Items: Apron, Napkin Set, Trivet or Hot Pad, Reusable "Paper" Towels, Reusable Grocery Tote, Wax Food Wraps
      • Store Bought Items: Fancy Olive Oil/Vinegar, Cook Book, Recipe Cards/Book, Spatula or Other Tool, Favorite Family Recipe + Needed Spices
      • Recipients: Neighbor, Gift Exchange, Co-Worker, Food Lover

      Gift Ideas for the Home

      “Welcome Home”

      • Handmade Items: Napkin Set, Placemats, Napkin Rings, Table Runner, Coasters, Dishcloths, Apron
      • Store Bought Items: Serving Tray, Bottle of Wine, Candle, Gift Certificate to a Local Hardware Store
      • Recipients: New Homeowners, New Neighbors, In-Laws, Host/Hostess


      • Handmade Items: Bandana, Bow Tie, Leash and/or Collar, Fabric Toy
      • Store Bought Items: Dog Treats, Toy or Ball, Chew Toy
      • Recipients: Dog Lover, Neighbor, Dog Sitter/Walker, Grand-dog

       Gift Ideas for Gardeners

      “Green Thumbs”

      • Handmade Items: Gardening Apron, Reusable Tote, Hat, Fabric Basket
      • Store Bought Items: Gardening Book, Garden Tool/Clippers, Seeds, Plant in a Pot, Watering Can
      • Recipients: Garden Enthusiast (Parent, Sibling, Friend), Neighbor

      “For the Creative Crowd”

      • Handmade Items: Guitar/Camera Strap, Tote Bag, Apron, Zipper Pouch, Pencil/Paintbrush Roll-Up
      • Store Bought Items: Gift Card to Favorite Local Craft/Music/Camera Store for Supplies or a Class
      • Recipients: Music/Art Teachers, Friends or Relatives with a Creative Hobby or that are Looking to Start One

      Handmade Hats- Gift Idea


        • Handmade Items: Zipper Pouches, Mug Cozies, Hand Sanitizer Holders, Key Fob, Charger/Cord Holder, Mini Tissue Holder, Infinity or Fringed Scarf, Beanie Hat
        • Store Bought Items: Items to Complete the Handmade Item (Mug with Hot Cocoa, Hand Sanitizer, Tissue, etc), Holiday Sweets, Gift Card to Local Coffee Shop
        • Recipients: Group Members (Book Club, Sewing Guild, Church, etc), Delivery People, Others You'd Like to Treat with Something Small to Show you are Thinking of Them

        We SEW Want To Know What You Think! What are some of your ideas for me-made and store-bought combos? Please comment below and share your ideas with the Style Maker community!

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