Joining the Online Sewing Community

Joining the Online Sewing Community

Though sewing isn't exactly considered a "team sport," that doesn’t mean there isn't plenty of room for teamwork among sewists around the world! Especially with all that technology and the internet have to offer. Social media, blogs, YouTube, and online classes give garment makers access to ideas, inspiration, and assistance on an enormous scale. Most importantly, it gives us all the opportunity to connect, and who couldn’t use more of that?

Social Media Platforms

  • Instagram

    • By far the most popular for sewists due to its primarily visual format, making it super easy to show off your makes!

    • Easily searchable through hashtags, which allows you to gather inspiration for everything from fabric and pattern pairings to genius hacks or even fit guidance.

    • There are also tons of challenges, themes, and goals to participate in, along with hashtags for specific communities of sewers so you can easily find "your people" or, even better, expand your definition of who your people are! 

  • Facebook

    • Particularly valuable for those looking to join a group of like-minded sewers. There are sewing-based groups for just about everything, including specific categories like sewers in your local area, up-cycling and eco-conscious sewing, and children’s clothes or bag making. And, if you can't find what you’re looking for, you can always start your own!

    • Blogger, brand, and pattern designer Facebook pages and groups are also valuable resources for connecting with people who share your aesthetic and asking for help or ideas on specific projects.

Using Computer as Resource for Sewing Help

  • YouTube

    • The mecca for all things "how-to." From step-by-step tutorials on how to complete the dreaded task of threading your serger or a demonstration of five different seam finishing techniques in one video to in-depth reviews of patterns and fabrics, you can find assistance and information on just about anything you’re looking for.

    • Follow the YouTube Channels of those you have found helpful, and get notified the next time they post a new video.

    • Keep in mind that YouTube has its limitations compared to some of the other platforms as it is not quite as interactive.

Sew Smart! YouTube is a fantastic resource for any sewing misadventures that find you in need of rescue. Whether it is troubleshooting wavy serged seams or why your sewing machine has conspired with the universe to prevent you from making a decent buttonhole, there is a sewing superhero with the answer waiting for you!

  • Pinterest

    • Endless source for inspiration! Does the phrase, "So many ideas, so little time," ring any bells?

    • Follow sewing bloggers and designers to see what ideas they have and their sources of inspiration. Pin your favorites as your jumping-off point for future projects!

    • Create boards of your own for all of your sewing and making ideas—search and pin what inspires you or ideas you love, find answers to questions about fabrics or patterns or save important resources you might want to come back to in the future.

    • Use the Pinterest plug-in for your internet browser to easily pin ideas and helpful information on blogs and websites outside the official Pinterest platform.

General Online Resources

  • Blogs

    • A more in-depth format for sewing influencers, educators, brands, and pattern designers to share information, pattern reviews, tutorials, and techniques with sewists.

    • Though less interactive than social media platforms, they offer a deeper look at different garments, how to make them, and ideas for materials or changes to apply.

    • The longer blog format allows users to share LOTS more photos and longer written posts explaining their process, thinking, and inspiration. They are much more personal and let you get to know the sewer, designer, or brand a bit better!

  • Brand Websites

    • Take a look at your favorite sewing brand or pattern designer websites. Not only are they a great place to shop, they often have lots of other amazing things to a sewing blog or resource page. (hint, hint!)

    • For fabric and notion shops, find recommendations about favorite products, suggestions for items that pair well together, or even get ideas for gifts to purchase or make for others (or add to your own wishlist!).

    • For pattern designers, find lots of step-by-step illustrated tutorials and instructions for specific fit adjustments or construction methods that might be a bit tricky, such as zippers, buttonholes, or plackets. Also, find lots of ideas for "hacking" or altering an existing pattern into something new!

Sewists Filming Online Class in Their Studio

  • Educational Opportunities

    • Head to sewing school online! And you don't even have to put on real pants to go to class. Whether you are brand new to sewing or have years of experience and are looking to further your expertise, there is a class for you offered by some of your favorite designers or sewing educators.

    • Some pattern companies, such as Closet Core and Tilly and the Buttons, offer pre-recorded classes you can purchase and watch at your convenience and pace. Find similar opportunities on sites like Craftsy or Skillshare.

    • If you prefer a live lesson, specific designers, like Christine Haynes, or local sewing shops offer virtual workshops. Looking for something one-on-one? Most places offering online classes also have options for that!

    • You may also find great workshops or learning opportunities on Instagram or Facebook Live!

  • Zoom

    • An excellent platform for SEWcializing with friends, participating in sewalongs for specific projects, or just getting together for an old-fashioned sewing circle to chit chat while you stitch. 

    • Create your own get-together or join a larger event with sewists from all over the world!

Sewist Joining an Online Event on Computer

But...Who to Follow?

If you are new to the online sewing community or an existing looking to expand your perspective, here are some tips for finding new accounts to follow and where to look for new inspiration!

  • Bloggers & Sewists

    • Follow the people whose style you like, whose makes you admire, or whose techniques impress you.

    • Seek out experienced sewists who have similar measurements to yours and see what sizes they've cut and adjustments they've made to patterns that may be useful to you as well.
    • See if sewing bloggers you enjoy reading online have an Instagram or Facebook account. Odds are they do!
    • If there is a social media account you love, check out who they are following. Great minds think alike...and have similar tastes!
    • Watch for accounts that others suggest. You might like them too!
  • Brands

Sew Smart! Following brands and shops you love on Instagram will make you among the first to know about new pattern releases, new fabrics in stock, and sales. You can even add your favorites to your "Close Friends List" to ensure that you aren’t missing any of their posts!

Searching Hashtags Online with Computer

  • Hashtags

    • Use these handy search tools to look at any specific pattern/garment, fabric, or designer under the sun. Ex. #stylemakerfabrics, #gingerjeans #doublegauze, #mammothflannel

    • They are also helpful for instruction, techniques, and inspiration. Ex. #sewingwithknits, #handmadelingerie, #patterndrafting

    • Looking for other sewists that have similar fit challenges as you? Check out tags such as #sewingtall, #curvysewing, #petitesewing

    • Use these to discover new accounts to follow OR even follow the specific hashtags to see more posts in the future in your feed.

  • Communities
    • Much like the world we all live in, the sewing world is a community with many diverse communities.
    • You can find sewers in these communities that you’d like to join, support, and admire by searching hashtags (seeing a pattern here?!)
    • Examples inlcude: #sewover50, #blkmakersmatter, #cscmakes, #millenialsewing, #POCwhosews, #sewqueer, #chronicallysewn, and #sewcialists

Ways to Get Involved

Social media allows sewists many opportunities to get involved with the sewing community online. Whether you enjoy a good challenge, find themes a fun way to spice up your sewing game, or are the type of person who appreciates setting and achieving goals with the accountability of a group, there is something for everyone! Below are just a few examples, but know that there are tons more to be found!

    • Challenges and Goals—#makenine, #memademay, #curvyyearofsewing, #braugust, #sewhappycolor, #sewyourstash, #sewyourselfsustainable, #sewingleftovers

    • Themes—#caftansandcocktails, #sewfancypants, #sewfrosting, #nationalsewingmonth, #memadeeveryday, #slowsewing, #sewingfail

    Sewist Sharing Fabric Online with Mobile Phone

    There are so many opportunities to expand your sewing knowledge, social circle, and connection to the sewing community online. And if all the options feel a bit overwhelming, pick one or two of your favorite platforms to focus on (for us, that includes Instagram!). The other platforms will always be there when you are looking for something specific or want to try something new!

    We SEW want to know what you think! What are some of your favorite bloggers, designers, and hashtags to follow?

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